Mahjong - The Game

Some would say Mah Jong is a game of skill, strategy,and calculation which involves a certain degree of luck.

Mah jong has been played by Westerners since the early 1900’s. The Chinese have recorded details of play for thousands of years.

It is a compelling table game for 4 people, BUT can be played by 2, 3 or 4 people.One thing we can tell is addictive. Once you have been taught how to play properly, you will love it and most mah jong players cannot get enough of it.

Those who love playing Mah Jong appreciate its enduring qualities and the beauty of the materials used in play. It isn’t as cerebral as chess, it isn’t as easy as backgammon, it isn’t as chancy as poker but no game played uses such beautiful equipment. The quality of the set used in play adds immeasurably to the pleasure of the game.

Growing in popularity, Mah Jong is an excellent way to make new friends with similar interests and to keep your brain working well.

We have Beginners and Intermediate Classes as well as several groups for very experienced players, use the menu above to join in the fun

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